With 30 years of experience in the construction of real estate ... We continue the effort to create unique homes that meet any requirement of our time. Starting from the idea, we proceed to the appropriate architectural study that meets all the requirements of our client - functional and aesthetic needs. Moving on to the construction with the best quality materials on the market and our well-trained craftsmen. We always deliver 99.9% within predefined times, with the turnkey your dream house.

The best choice

  • Construction

    • Planning
    • Design
    • Supervision
    • Guarantee 10y

  • Real estate development

    • Growth management
    • Research
    • Marketing
    • Legal diligence

  • Project Management

    • Contracts
    • Construction site
    • Supervision of work
    • Construction

  • Real Estate

    • Real estate promotion
    • Property valuation
    • Financial Planning
    • Issue of licences

Step by Step we design and implement for you


    'Everything starts with a good idea


    Our associates are ready to create the right study for you


    Daily work guidance from our project managers


    Always with the highest quality materials


    Deliver the project with the key in your hand and our guarantee